Aero-Ukraine Project News


This second in the series of CANNAPE workshops (31 October – 3 November, Ottawa, Canada) intends to address the following objectives:

  1. Initiate discussion amongst participants on possible collaboration in upcoming Level 2 projects of the FP7, as forecast for the 6th call.

  2. Initiate strategic discussions amongst participants leading to potential R&D strategies for key aerospace technology R&D.

  3. Provide administrative and funding information to Canadians who may have interests in collaboration on FP7 projects.

  4. Provide a venue for Canadian and Europeans to refine project proposals for the ongoing FP7 5th call and otherwise meet their colleagues.

    and finally,

  5. Promote the development of a rich and effective network of researchers in Canada and Europe that can collaborate on current and future R&D opportunities.


The next Aero-Ukraine workshop will be held in Kharkiv, Ukraine organised by the National Aerospace University on 21st of April. The title of the workshop is “The Ukrainian capabilities in aerospace science and engineering”. On one hand the workshop will present the Ukrainian capabilities in field of aerospace science and engineering and on the other hand it will provide timely information regarding ACARE and the upcoming FP7 5th call. As this is the last workshop in the frame of the European Commission funded Aero-Ukraine project it will also present the work done and the achievements of the project.

National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) is one of the leading engineering Universities of the former USSR, and the only engineering University in Ukraine providing a full spectrum of higher education in aerospace science and engineering.

Founded in 1930, KhAI now has more than 12 000 students, 800 teachers, 1200 researchers, and 2000 employees. 75% of teachers have academic titles of Professors and Associate Professors, and have achieved PhD and Dr.Sc. degrees. KhAI provides training on 50 major subjects at its 44 departments and is a member of International Association of Universities IAU/UNESCO, as also associate member of European Aeronautic Science Network (EASN), and associate partner of PEGASUS network.

Long-term involvement in aircraft development (first European passenger aircraft with retractable landing gear “KhAI-1” was built in 1932) provides University with wide experience in original ideas generation, new design approaches and methodologies development, structures manufacturing and testing.

Also, KhAI has more than 30-years experience in the field of composite materials R&D (design, simulation, manufacturing, testing, etc.), and application in aeronautic structures. KhAI research results in composite-related areas are deeply integrated in engineering and manufacturing processes of post-soviet, Russian and Ukrainian worldwide known aerospace companies like ANTONOV, SUKHOI, TUPOLEV, YUSHNOYE etc.

Nowadays KhAI is a globally recognized aerospace research centre. It is focused on innovative research across the aerospace industry, and has worked with AIRBUS, ONERA, ThalesAlenia, Boeing, EOARD, IAI, AVIC, and more. The university takes part in research activities with academic and industrial partners from a large number of European and International countries.


The Aero-Ukraine project consortium is in the preparatory phase of the next aeronautical event in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. The Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko will host the event. The one-day aeronautical event is expected to take place in October 2010. The participants of the aeronautical event will be the representatives of the leading European and Ukrainian aeronautical R&D organisations and educational establishments.


Mr. Jean-Pierre Barthélemy, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Aero-Ukraine project has invited a new member, Mr. Viktor Shulepov to join the Advisory Board. Mr. Shulepov is the Director of International Projects and Programs of Aviation Technology Research Institute of Ukraine, JSC (UkrRIAT) which is authorized by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine to coordinate the involvement of Ukrainian aeronautics actors to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals.


The Aero-Ukraine project held its first workshop in Kiev on the 28th and 29th of October 2009. The Institute for Problems of Material Science - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPMS-NASU) hosted the successful event. The workshop had around one hundred attendees with leading European R&D institutions among them and outstanding R&D institutions from Ukraine in the field of aeronautical and material sciences. The full list of participants is available at the following link: Downloads.

The representatives of the European Commission, Mr. Liam Breslin - Head of Unit, Acting (DG XII-E-2) EC DG Research - and Mr. Pablo Perez-Illana - project officer - also supported the event. They presented the 7th Framework Programme and explained the expectations behind it.

The Ukrainian participants had an opportunity to present their capabilities, to ask questions regarding the FP7 directly from the EC officers and to participate at a short training session held after the workshop by Mr. GIles Brandon (Intelligentsia Consultants, project partner).

All the presentations of the workshop are available under the following link “Kiev WS Presentations”.


Bridging the Ukrainian Aeronautics Industry with the European Union

The Aero-Ukraine project will have its first workshop at Kiev Ukraine organised by the Institute for Problems of Material Science - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the 28th and 29th of October 2009. The workshop will be actively supported by the European Commission. For Agenda and further information please check the "Downloads" page or contact Ms Irina Belan at IPMS-NASU

To achieve the global goals of aviation and of aeronautical industry, the European Union must co-operate with all European countries, including Ukraine . This workshop will give the opportunity to learn about the mechanisms of research funding in the EU. The workshop will show what long-term objectives are behind the calls for proposals.

During the two days, Ukrainian organisations can present their capabilities and share them with the representatives of Europe ’s aeronautical research, industry and policy makers, who will come from leading European participants and the Aeronautics unit of the European Commission.


A brief introduction was presented about Aero-Ukraine project during the regular progress meeting of the AeroPortal project in Patras (Greece) on the 25th of September 2009. Daniel Chikany project manager (Slot Consulting Ltd.) introduced the Aero-Ukraine consortium members, presented the main objectives of the project and emphasized the possibilities in cooperating with Ukrainian research centres, universities and companies. AeroPortal project is a European point of reference in SME servicing for the aeronautical calls of the EC's Framework Programmes.

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The Ukrainian consortium members had a successful introduction on the brokerage event organised by ETNA project after the FP7 Info Day at Brussels and at the combined Advisory Board and consortium meeting – with the participations of the EC officials – on the 28th of September. The next Aero-Ukraine project event will be the first Ukrainian workshop to be held at Kiev on 28th and 29th October 2009.

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The consortium with the support of Advisory Board has decided that the next EU event that is important for the Ukrainian consortium members to participate at is the FP7 Info Day organised by the European Commission at Brussels on 28th 29th September 2009. The consortium members will attend the FP7 Info Day to accumulate as much information on the EU project activities as much is possible and afterwards they will introduce themselves by having presentations regarding their own organisations capabilities and project ideas during the brokerage event organised by the ETNA project. Before the Info Day the project will have its combined Advisory Board and consortium meeting with the participation of EC officials where Ukrainian consortium members will have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

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The Advisory Board officially has been formed and started its work at Zilina , Slovakia , on 18th of May 2009.

The Advisory Board accepted the terms of its work and selected Mr. Jean-Pierre Barthélemy for the Chairman.

The Advisory Board members are:

  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Barthélemy - ACARE/ASD - France

  • Mr. Rainer Scharenberg - DLR - Germany

  • Dr. Uwe Möller - DLR - Head Brussels office - Germany

  • Mr. Richard Forster Manager of European Partnerships Research & Technology department - AIRBUS SAS - France

  • Mr. Volodymyr Stetcenko - Ukrainian Ministry of Industrial Policy deputy chief of Military and Technical Cooperation Agency - Ukraine

  • Ms Gorokhovatska Maryna - Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Ukraine

  • Ms Oksana Dayko - Head of European Integration Department, Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine Ukraine

Furthermore the Advisory Board has discussed the action so far taken by the consortium and provided some guidelines to help the further activities in the frame of the project.


The Aero-Ukraine project had its kick-off meeting held in the premises of one the consortium member - Institute for Problems of Material Science - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the beginning of the April 2009. The participants have agreed on the action plan to be followed, the tasks to be performed by each of the consortium members and decided that the first Advisory Board meeting should take place at Zilina during the CEARES workshop on the 18th and 19th of May 2009.

For further information on IPMS-NASU please check



Stimulating Ukraine - EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation

AERO-UKRAINE is a new FP7 project that has been started on the 1st of April 2009 and will last till the 31st of March 2011. The consortium consists of following members:

  • Slot Consulting - Hungary

  • Intelligentsia Consultants - UK

  • University of Patras - Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials - Greece

  • National Aerospace University of Ukraine - Ukraine

  • Institute for Problems of Material Science - National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Ukraine

  • SE Ivchenko-Progress - Ukraine

  • Antonov ASTC - Ukraine

The work of the project management team is supported by an Advisory Board to achieve its goals. The aim of the Aero-Ukraine project is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors from the EU and Ukraine.