Kiev workshop presentations

Day: 1 Session: 1

Welcome and introduction of IPMS-NASU - Mr. S.O. Firstov

1.1.1. “Structural and high-temperature resistant Ti-based intermetallic compounds for aero engine applications”– Mr. S.O.Firstov – IPMS-NASU

1.1.2. Project Introduction – Mr. Giles Brandon – Intelligentsia Consultants

1.1.3. ACARE Introduction – Mr. Jean-Pierre Barthélemy – ACARE/ASD

1.1.4. FP7 and 3rd Call Introduction including possibilities for Ukraine – Mr . Liam Breslin – Head of Unit Aeronautics, DG Research EC

1.1.5. FP7 Aeronautics: Opportunities at the 3rd Call for Proposals - Mr. Pablo Perez-Illana - European Commission - DG Research Transport Directorate Aeronautics Research unit

Day: 1 Session: 2

1.2.1.The Ukrainian Aeronautics Industry and Capability of Cooperation with the European Union – Mr. O.K. Bogdanov – Antonov ASTC

1.2.2. Research Projects/IMG4 – Mr. Dominique Ollinger – AIRBUS

1.2.3. High-strengthened and high-technological aluminum-based cast and wrought alloys for air-space industry – Mr. V.M. Nadutov – IMP NASU

1.2.4.Development of cast iron with high resistant to wear and high-temperature properties – Mr. V. Loktionov-Remizovskii – Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys NASU

1.2.5.Casting high durability unsparkling copper alloy for the poured safe on the explosion instrument – Mr. V. Loktionov-Remizovskii – Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys NASU

1.2.6.Ivchenko Progress – Ms Elena Yermolayeva

1.2.7. Capabilities of industrial enterprise “Element” (Odessa) – Mr. Dmitriy Volkov

1.2.8. Electronic beam technology and equipment for deposition of gradient protecting coatings on gas turbine blades – Mr. Yakovchuk Kostyantyn – Electric Welding Institute NASU

1.2.9. Investigation of lead layered reinforced coatings on the base ofmicrowires composite cells for repairing of aviation constructions destroyed by lightning – Mr. Leon Vishnyakov – IPMS-NASU

1.2.10.Casting construction high-module aluminium alloy with the promoted prochnostnimi descriptions – Mr. V. Loktionov-Remizovskii – Physics-technological institute of metals and alloys NAN Of Ukraine

1.2.11.Scientific potential of National Aerospace University "KhAI" in aerodynamic research" – Mr. Vitaly Chmovzh – KhAI


1.2.13. Complex of the metallurgical equipment for producing highquality ingots from wrought aluminium alloys - Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev

1.2.14. New cast alloys on a basis of the quasibinary section of the ternary system Al-Mg-Si(X) – Mr. Milman Yu – IPMS-NASU

Day: 2 Session: 1

2.1.1. DLR Research Projects – Mr. Rainer Scharenberg – DLR

2.1.2. Flight-Reynolds Testing on Ground – Dr. Guido Dietz – European Trans Sonic Wind Tunnel

2.1.3. Capabilities of KHAI – Ms Lina Smovziuk – KhAI

2.1.4.Innovation Activity in National Aviation University- Mr. Dmytro Bugayko

2.1.5. EASN Organisational Structure – Dr. Michael Papadopoulos – University of Patras

2.1.6.Electric discharge plasma reforming of liquid hydrocarbons into free hydrogen for the use in the aerospace technologies – Mr. Chernyak Valeriy – Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

2.1.7. Application of molecular physics methods in the development of the new technologies in aeronautical industry – Ms Elena Actan – Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Training session

FP7 Aeronautics Event in Kiev - Aero-Ukraine Training I.

FP7 Aeronautics Event in Kiev - Aero-Ukraine Training II.