Project Summary

Ukraine has a proud heritage in aeronautics dating. It is one of the few countries in the world to have research, engineering and production capabilities across a wide range of aeronautics technologies. The main aim of AERO-UKRAINE project is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors from the EU and Ukraine. AERO-UKRAINE project (Stimulating Ukraine - EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation) is a new FP7 project that has been started on the 1st of April 2009 and will last till the 31st of March 2011.

The project will achieve its overall objective via three groups of activities:

  1. Assessing and publicising the aeronautics collaboration potential between the EU and Ukraine. This involves mapping the Ukrainian aeronautics actors; reporting on opportunities for Ukrainian aeronautics actors in the EU; and production of a “White Paper on aeronautics R&D in the Ukraine”;

  2. Raising awareness and understanding of EU aeronautics collaborative research. On the one side, this involves organising FP7 aeronautics events in Ukraine that combine awareness-raising, training and networking with EU aeronautics actors. On the other side, it involves Ukrainian aeronautics actors presenting their aeronautics research at aeronautics events in the EU;

  3. Supporting participation in FP7 aeronautics research. This involves establishing an FP7 Aeronautics NCP in Ukraine and supporting Ukrainian aeronautics organisations to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals.The work of the project management team will be supported by an Advisory Board to achieve these goals.